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James Villasana founded Smoothie Factory in 1996. As a high-level athlete, James needed healthy food options made with only the highest quality ingredients to fuel his body. He carefully created smoothies with nutrition, taste, and overall health in mind.


since 1996

20+ locations

new concept + kitchen

What is



100% real fruit and vegetables

Our Smoothies, Super-food Power Bowls, juices, toast, salads, soups and more, are all prepared with nutrient-rich whole fruit and vegetables.


Follow the seasons

Curated menu, that reflects the flavors of the season. Enjoy summer with Cold Avocado Cucumber Soup, embrace fall with Pumpkin & Black Beans Soup, warm up in winter with Curried Squash Soup and welcome Spring with Mint & Pea Soup.


Social media

Our social content showcases creative and appealing product images, that are relatable to Millennials and Gen Z. Using up to date on trends that boost engagement.


Avant-guard interior design

Smoothie Factory + Kitchen concept can be formatted to operate in Food Courts, Airports, Universities, Hospitals, Kiosks, and Popular Operations (Mobile Kitchens).

Our product pillars


Superfood Power Bowls prepared with nutrient-rich whole fruit and an array of your favorite toppings. A delicious alternative known for their health benefits that increase energy and vitality.



Our Smoothies feature 100% real fruit and vegetables with unique blends of delicious, beneficial ingredients blending nutrition with great taste.



All-natural fresh-squeezed juices loaded with vitamins and minerals designed to cleanse and nourish the body. Available in over 10 different varieties.



Wholesome ingredients come together in a variety of ways, some following seasonal rotation. Color, texture, flavor, the cornerstone of each creation. Every item is designed for speed and ease of execution.



We stay true to its Taiwanese roots. We prepare them super cold, frothy, and shaken with flavors.

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Smoothie Factory is committed to helping health conscious customers choose more nutritious options. The smoothie menu features more whole fruits and vegetables, more natural options for sweeteners, and more vegan and non-dairy options than ever before!

Why us?

In business for yourself, not by yourself

You start by on location training and after we offer ongoing operation support, quality assurance visits and professional marketing support. We do ongoing product and menu development and system and technology support.


A business within a business...

Within a business; Smoothie Factory is more than 1 business; it has a collection of offers: Smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices, comprehensive line of probiotics, bubble tea, wellness bowls, grilled paninis, wraps, salads, seasonal soups and much more. Our multi menu categories allow for pricing elasticity.


No need for kitchen hood, exhaust system, fryers, fire suppression system and other expensive equipment. Our gourmet style recipes easily executed by unskilled labor, as it requires minimal amount of food and beverage preparation.


How to get started?

Traditional locations

for a Ten-Year Term.


Initial franchise fee.

Require $100,000

Liquid assets to invest.

5% royalty plus 3%

Brand development fund contribution.

Require $250,000

Minimum net worth.

Non-traditional locations

for a Five-Year Term.


Initial franchise fee.

Require $100,000

Liquid assets to invest.

5% royalty plus 1%

Brand development fund contribution.

Require $250,000

Minimum net worth.

Promotion 2023

Franchise fee reduced by 50% Limited Time Offer – contact us today!

Traditional locations

From $30,000 to $15,000

Non-traditional locations

From $15,000 to $7,500

Military discount for vets

50% off initial franchise fee for the first store opened

Let's talk!

Smoothie Factory is the brand for serious athletes and everyone who is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, aiming for the cleanest recipes and lowering sugar while giving customers the ability to customize their smoothie to their own preference. Juices are all natural, ice filtered, and pressed fresh to order. Our locations are often in close proximity to gyms to build traffic and volume, and nutritional supplements are best-selling items sold at competitive prices.

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